An Artist/Designer And Founder Of ANNA GAV Jewelry

Anna Gav is an European Artist/Designer from Helsinki, Finland

In 2001, Anna established a fashion company that designs, manufactures and distributes fashion jewelry under the registered European Union (EU) trademark of ANNA GAV Jewelry in Helsinki, Finland.

Anna has 20 years of experience in art and jewelry designs. The largest inspiration for Anna was the story of the legendary Coco Chanel. Anna dreamed of becoming an artist/designer to inspire people to achieve their life goals and add joy to their lives.

ANNA GAV Jewelry

Since 2001

The company’s success is due to its popular and unique collections of luxury, high-end fashion jewelry. The jewelry designs are color tailored to fit any apparel style.

Over 200 000 customers have purchased ANNA GAV jewelry. More than 200 fashion industry retailers distribute ANNA GAV jewelry in Europe: department stores, chain stores, fashion stores and boutiques in many different countries.

Over 300 unique design patterns are copyrighted.

Over 500 publications appeared in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, movies, theaters, and other mass media.

Mission Of ANNA GAV Jewelry

Be Attractive with ANNA GAV Jewelry

The secret of attractiveness is to be unique. Personal style and outfit is the part of success.

The woman is unique. The beauty is a mystery.  Jewelry is the perfect way to elevate a look and show personality. The fashion selection can bring feelings of comfort, excitement, self-confidence, beauty and happiness, enhance your sexuality and attractiveness.

Women from the times of  Cleopatra to the modern age use the power of female charm. Successful women as Princess Diana, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Madonna and others wear jewelry to accentuate and emphasize they personality and unique style.

Choose your astonishing piece of jewelry and highlight your personality!

ANNA GAV jewelry is in the World of Art Beads.

Color Analysis By Anna Gav

Color Is A Message And Selection Of Colors Can Change Your Life

Many women ask important questions such as how to be more attractive and which color of jewelry would match their style better.

Color is the message that we send to the people around us. It can bring different emotions to the surface. The color of your jewelry, clothes or artwork affects your mood and the people around you. Your fashion or interior selection can bring feelings of comfort, happiness, excitement and self-confidence. Certain color choices can even enhance your sexuality. The fact is that the colors you wear or choose in your interior can influence your life and those around you!

In 2011, after 10 years experience in cooperating with many women in Europe while designing and producing fashion jewelry, Anna Gav has developed her own method for color analysis. This method of choosing the best colors for woman is based on many years of research and understanding a womans nature.

Join ANNA GAV Club and you will receive expert advice on your personal colors that reflect your unique physiology, horoscope and zodiac signs, region of residence, age, etc. and had be provided the best suggestions for jewelry to match your distinct style. Anna hopes this color analysis will help you to find your unique code of attractiveness, achieve your goals and happiness.


ANNA GAV Jewelry Connected Women

The ANNA GAV club was created in 2009, and today has over 1500 loyal, repeat customers.

Since 2009, Anna Gav organized many Fashion Club Events. Celebrates, politicians, singers, actors and well knowing businessmen join Club Events.

Club members have an unique opportunities to be in astonish fashion atmosphere, join glamorous get-together, meet artist/designer, get best
fashion advices, net-working with other women and choose the luxury/high-end fashion jewelry, including Limited Edition collections.

Anna Gav offers Club members to co-create or custom made jewelry in collaboration with an artist. Many women choose co-creation or custom-made jewelry program for important events as wedding, graduation, anniversary or even presidents ball.

Media And Publicity

Color Is A Message And Selection Of Colors Can Change Your Life

Since 2001 Anna Gav and jewelry collections always had been well press and media coverage.

More than 500 publications had been in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, movies, theaters and other mass media. ANNA GAV Jewelry collections had been chosen by many successful people: celebrates, politicians, singers and actors.

Many fashion magazines and newspapers publish an articles of Finnish artist and jewelry designer Anna Gav.  Her jewelry collections and artworks coverage in Elle, Cosmopolitan, M Magasine, Gloria, Me Naiset, Eeva, Saara, Olivia,  Kotiliesi, Kauneus ja terveus, Muotimaailma, Iilona, Demi, Helsingin Sanomat, Iltalehti, Moda, Kodin kuvalehti, Anna, Häät, Voi Hyvin, Sport, TG, Tara, Solo, Amelia, Tove, Allas, etc.

ANNA GAV Jewelry In International World Of Fashion

Over 200 000 Customers Have Purchased ANNA GAV Jewelry

ANNA GAV Jewelry had been represented in many International fashion markets as Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Company participates to multiply professional events as fashion fairs, design and art exhibitions, catwalks, etc. Since 2001: Suomen Muotimessut, Fashion Catwalk of Finland, Helsinki Fashion Weekend.

2006-2012: CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), Denmark.
2006-2012: Stockholms Modevecka (Stockholm Fashion Week), Sweden.
2013-2015: Munich Fashion Week in MTC, Germany.
More than 200 fashion industry retailers distribute ANNA GAV jewelry in Europe: department stores, chain stores, fashion stores and boutiques in many different countries.

Over 205 000 customers have purchased ANNA GAV jewelry from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Russian, Ukraine, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, China, Japan, Middle East and Baltic countries.

ANNA GAV Jewelry has a major selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories, including Limited Edition Collection. ANNA GAV Jewelry is luxury and high-end.

Choose ANNA GAV Jewelry and be global!

Manufacturing And Design Patterns

A Proven Jewelry Designs With High Quality Market Reputation

ANNA GAV Jewelry has fashion jewelry manufacturing expertise since 2001. Anna Gav design and handmade each item by herself. Anna always focuses on multifunctional design and high quality fashion production.

Over 300 models of unique design patterns including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories. Design patterns have a copyright rights reserved. Company has a proven jewelry designs with high quality market reputation. Collection of fashion jewelry is luxury and high-end. Jewelry models have unique color selection to fit any apparel style.

ANNA GAV jewelry collections are made from high quality glass beads, Murano glass, crystals, Swarovski crystals and elements. Metal parts are made from jewelry metals parts, including sterling silver 925, of which complies with EU standards on non-allergenic materials.

All ANNA GAV Jewelry is handmade which is why each item of glass-bead
jewelry is unique.

From Design To Art: Art Lab Project “Ambitious Art”

Encryption of Ambitious Dreams or Desires on Canvas

In 2017, Anna Gav presented an art project based on cognitive psychology and neurophysiology called “Ambitious Art” or “Encryption of Ambitious Desires or Dreams on Canvas”.

Anna developed a unique method based on psychometric mind-mapping to combine colors and symbols using color analyses and the Fibonacci sequence. The artworks presented were abstract and figurative oil paintings on canvas.
Co-creation art projects are heavily influenced by cognitive psychology and neurophysiology-based art. The subconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.

Since 2017, co-creation artworks have been successfully completed with customers from England, Finland, Norway, Spain and Russia.