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Article about artist / designer Anna Gav, Color Analysis and International Fashion Shows in Muoti-maailm.

Be Attractive with ANNA GAV Jewelry

Media And Publicity

Color Is A Message And Selection Of Colors Can Change Your Life

Since 2001 Anna Gav and jewelry collections always had been well press and media coverage.

More than 500 publications had been in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, movies, theaters and other mass media. ANNA GAV Jewelry collections had been chosen by many successful people: celebrates, politicians, singers and actors.

Many fashion magazines and newspapers publish an articles of Finnish artist and jewelry designer Anna Gav.  Her jewelry collections and artworks coverage in Elle, Cosmopolitan, M Magasine, Gloria, Me Naiset, Eeva, Saara, Olivia,  Kotiliesi, Kauneus ja terveus, Muotimaailma, Iilona, Demi, Helsingin Sanomat, Iltalehti, Moda, Kodin kuvalehti, Anna, Häät, Voi Hyvin, Sport, TG, Tara, Solo, Amelia, Tove, Allas, etc.

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About Artist/Designer, Jewelry Club Events

Jewelry Collection. Anna Gav Club Event had been successfully presented in Helsinki Fashion House.

To see my customers happy is the biggest gift to me, us the jewelry designer.

In 2001, ‘Be Attractive with ANNA GAV Jewelry’ – the slogan of my fashion company had been created.

The mission of my career to assist women feel more attractive. Many of my customers are asking advises of best matching for personal colors in different items of jewelry as necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

The ANNA GAV club was created in 2009, and today has over 1500 loyal, repeat customers.

To join ANNA GAV Club please send an e-mail to