Zodiac Mascot – Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


Size of pendant: 0.8 ” / 2 cm
High quality crystal pendant with hand crafted laser etching and 925 grade silver chain.





Size and shape

Short necklace 17.7" / 45 cm

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ANNA GAV jewelry is made from high quality glass beads, crystals and Murano glass. These materials are fragile by nature and cannot withstand robust handling, i.e. dropping jewelry items can easily result in breakages, for which ANNA GAV cannot accept responsibility. All metal parts (clasps, earring-hooks and continue-chains) are made from metal which complies with EU standards on non-allergenic materials, and are therefore nickel-free.

1. How to wear ANNA GAV jewelry?

ANNA GAV jewelry items should not: be worn when doing sports; be worn in the shower/sauna/bath; come into contact with detergents; be exposed to high temperatures; be exposed to freezing temperatures; come into contact with liquids; be sprayed with perfume; come into contact with cosmetics.

2. How to clean?

ANNA GAV should only be hand-washed by gentle application of a damp cloth and no detergents.

3. How to store?

To help lengthen the life of ANNA GAV products and ensure maximum enjoyment they should be carefully stored in a position suited to the natural shape of the item. Avoid twisting, looping or misshaping the item, as all of these actions can result in damage to the item, for which ANNA GAV can accept no responsibility.

ANNA GAV takes all necessary steps to ensure the high quality of its products and seeks to maximize long-term customer satisfaction with items of jewelry. However, it should be noted that items of jewelry have a limited life-span, even with the best of care.